Investment Details

Investment Target
$1,000,000 - $1,000,000 NZD
Pre-Money Valuation
$0 NZD
Time Remaining

Investment Status
SCIF Co-Funded
$490,593 NZD
49% of minimum target

With its lightweight frame and powerful, near silent motors, the Ubco 2×2 gives you complete control for all your adventures, and is just as capable cruising through the city as it is zipping down your favourite bush track. Whether you’re getting the cows in or commuting to work, the Ubco 2×2 is ready to take on whatever you throw at it.

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Business Summary:

We research, develop, market and distribute utility electric vehicles and portable power supplies globally.

Customer Problem:

Current Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles and generators are noisy, expensive to run, require skill and experience to ride and are not overly functional. Our first vehicle the Ubco 2x2 is a highly capable dual electric drive motorbike that is whisper quiet, easy to ride, cheap to run, cleaner for the environment, and has real utility.


Our core products include Utility Electric Vehicles (UEV) and Portable Power Supplies. Ubco has successfully commercialised the 2x2 Dual Sport for use On and Off road along with a 2.4kW portable power supply. Our goal is to also have a standalone power supply in the market in 2018, and a 4 wheel UEV in the market in 2019 to compliment and extend this range. These are all connected digital devices that can also have services delivered through the UBCO API interface. 

Target Market:

We are targeting The Off-Road market which incorporates both 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles ($12.7B USD) along with the on road market of $6.21B USD in North America; and the Portable Power market under 10kW which is estimated at $3.1B USD globally.


We have two clear types of customers; end consumers (individuals) and business (or fleet) customers who are drawn from varied application areas. We have a focus in North America on the Outdoor Recreation market supported by market growth and sales data.

Sales and Marketing Strategy:

We have a coordinated approach to marketing that has four key elements that incorporates: Building Awareness; Creating great experiences; Delivering effective after sales service; and creating a global community.

Business Model:

Our business model comprises of UEV Platform, Accessories and a Software API. We sell through a coordinated group of approved dealers internationally who provide sales and after sales service.


Our main competitors are grouped into Electric Vehicle Manufacturers (Zero Motorcycles, Alta Motorcycles), incumbent Combustion Engine  manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha etc) and Portable Power Supplies (Goal Zero).

Competitive Advantage:

The 2x2 is the world’s first production two-wheel drive electric powered bike that is for utility. Coupled with the product platform (Accessories, Software and Portable Power) it delivers a product into a clearly identified market gap. We would extend this advantage into 4 Wheel UEV’s and Portable Power Supplies.

Intellectual Property:

Ubco has an integrated intellectual property program that consists of international trademarks, design registrations and patents.

Exit Strategy:

Electric Vehicles are a fast-growing domain with demonstrated investment activity which ranges from Trade investment, Outright sale to Large Enterprise, IPO, and Strategic Buy-Outs. Following Series B capital raising the chosen exit strategy will likely be clearer.

Use of Capital/Convertible Debt:

Funds are primarily to be applied to support sales growth - funding purchase of inventory to support forward demand in the USA, New Zealand and Australia alongside the development of a formal US Series B funding round with the support of our US Investors.

Overview as at March 2018

Funding Stage
Early Expansion
Burn Rate
Gross operating expenditure burn: $140k per month, Net operating burn: $110k per month;
Deal Type
Convertible Loan
Timothy Allan
Board / Management

Timothy Allan - Managing Director

Daryl Neal - Design Director

Katherine Sandford - Sales Director

Deion Campbell - Chairman/Investor Director

Bob Ralston - US Director


Lawyer - Kylie Boyd (Sharp Tudhope)

Accountant - Michelle Malcolm (Crowe Horwath)